I will defend Milwaukee County Parks. Developers have their eyes on the lakefront so they can build more condos. Previous generations left us our system of beautiful parks. I will stand up to anyone who wants to sell the parks off. Even though I will examine new sources of revenue for our parks, I will make sure they are accessible for all citizens.


Increasingly, public sector jobs have been eliminated and replaced by private contractors hiring low paid and low skilled workers. Not only has this trend saved the taxpayer little to no money, the quality of service has dropped. I will protect job opportunities for Milwaukee County employees from privateers.


I will work to bring employers and businesses who provide family-sustaining jobs to the South Shore of Milwaukee County.  I want to attract jobs of all sorts including renewable energy.

The Opioid Crisis

Drug overdoes now kill more people in Milwaukee County than crime and traffic accidents combined. No neighborhood is immune to this crisis. Four out of five heroin users started by misusing prescription drugs. We need a holistic approach to this crisis that includes public health, education, and law enforcement.

Milwaukee County Buses

Metropolitan areas with good public transport thrive. They also attract jobs.  Citizens increasingly tell me that bus routes they need to traverse Milwaukee County are being curtailed and travel times are increasing. Public transport is needed for workers, students, and seniors. I will work to expand service to all parts of Milwaukee County.

Protecting Senior Centers

I am deeply concerned about the enormous cuts made to Senior Center funding in the recent budget enacted by the County Executive. Senior Centers, all across our district, serve a vital role for providing educational, nutritional and healthcare related services to seniors who otherwise would not have access to them. While there is a discussion to have regarding the conditions of physical facilities at many Senior Centers, I believe these budgets cuts would be detrimental and should be opposed by any elected official in the district.